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Felis humanus

Tips on growing Sweet Peppers

I have a F1 Redskin Sweet Pepper Plants, that i bought as a plant a few years ago. However, since then I have only got small green fruit. Although some have started to darken and a few turned red, they have still been small.

Any tips on how to get bigger fruit next year?

It is in its original pot, lives outside May/June to September, and inside the house over winter on a sunny windowsill. The window sill does have a radiator nearby but there is no other wide enough windowsill to use.

We don't have a greenhouse either and no suitable place for a plastic greenhouse to be secured. It get occasionaly general plant food feeding.

When outside the is no real sheltered spot, so it normally sits next to the backdoor or a more sunny position which can get windy, and is moved to a slightly more sheltered spot when i gets really windy, which we haev had a fair bit of this summer.

I'm Midlands, UK based Garden faces roughly east to west, with little full South Sun due to other houses.

Should I be feeding the plant with anything in particular?
Should I be trimming it back?
Would I be better keeping it in doors all year around?

Suggestions welcome. I want fruit like it had when i boguht it!
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