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Today I came upon the most fascinating concept, a mossery.
Me being a big fan of about every moss ive ever seen, this idea really intrigues me and I was wondering if anyone of you has ever heard of it?

The definition according to a website I found is:
A passing fad for moss collecting in the late 19th Century led to the establishment of mosseries in many British and American gardens. The mossery is typically constructed out of slatted wood, with a flat roof, open to the north side (maintaining shade). Samples of moss were installed in the cracks between wood slats. The whole mossery would then be regularly moistened to maintain growth.

Unfortunately besides this definition I have not been able to find anything about mosseries, or about moss growing (I know you can collect moss samples, put them in a solution of beer sugar and water, and spray them on stuff to make them grow there, but how for example would you keep them growing there? I don't have a garden and moss doesn't out of its own visit my balcony unfortunately)

Also I can't really envision the type of construction talked about in the description, slatted wood with a roof? according to google image slatted wood is just a bunch of planks with a little bit of room in between, at least thats how much i gather from it, I don't quite see how you could "insert" the moss in between it.. hrm.

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