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Are there any other goths in this com that are interested in things like homesteading or ecovillages?

I thought this would be the prefect place to ask 'cause even gardening seems like its too "ungoth" for most of my friends and at least you all get that aspect of my personality, but I'm just curious if I'm totally alone when it comes to having a dream of a self-reliant, self sufficient, simple living kinda life?
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I've dreamed of an ecovillage for years. I wonder if there is a goth-permaculture community?
Yeah I think it would be totally amazing to get a gaggle of goths to all form an ecovillage. But most of my friends think I'm crazy and call me a hippie. :(

You may find more kindred souls by exploring the Asatru, Heathen and other reconstructionist pagan communities (as opposed to eclectic/Wiccan). Many of us are into homesteading and permaculture. I can think of four families I know right off the bat. Not necessarily goth, but certainly not hippie-dippie either. Basically, you're asking about a spiritual and philosophical pursuit, so I am not too surprised that you'd find fewer interested parties in communities dedicated first to aesthetics, and those sorts of things second.

And by all means - go for it, even if you're going it alone. It's a noble pursuit. :)
I don't really see it as a spiritual pursuit exactly. and while I do realize there are some conflicts between the aesthetic focus of goth and the idea of simple living, and self-reliance, in a lot ways I think the idea really fits with somethings about goth culture.

I mean most goths think they love the city, but mostly that's because there are clubs and social activities and more goths in big cities than in the country. But if you had your own goth village you could have club nights and social events whenever you wanted.

There wouldn't be any problem with looking however you like. I know so many goths that only get certain jobs because of piercings or dreads or unnatural colored hair, but if you life a self-reliant lifestyle you don't have to only take what society will give you.

and I sorta go it alone now. I do a lot to be self-reliant in my current situation... (canning up pears right now from the tree in my back yard and so forth) but to run a farm... I'd need more than me. Not to mention one of the things I like best about the idea of an ecovillage is the community and social nature of the whole thing. I believe we are pack creatures by nature and we truly need the social interaction.
A goth village...sounds pretty cool. Any kind of American village would be good for me though.( by the way, i would So work on your farm.):)
I've made it my business, literally, to bring sustainable landscapes into being. I'd like to get the idea to spread beyond single households or even groups of households. =)
I have dreams of a smallholding. With alpacas.
Alpacas rock! I think I want goats at the moment because I know there are a couple of breads that have both good fleece and good quality milk. I'm also in love with pygmy goats!

I have a friend that has goats and a pair of Llamas... do you have any idea how jealous I am?
I have looked for several acres not far from town for years now. The best deal I found was a small house on 2 acres OTP near clarkston, but the land wasn't really what I wanted.
I've started a landscaping business and have a tractor & gardening equipment, and grew up on a 13 acre okra farm. I know a little about getting crops from seed to the table, but (until now) haven't found anyone else remotely interested in creating a self-sufficient homestead.
You'll probably have to look pretty far outside the city to find any land at an affordable price. I know even out here in Paulding Co. land is getting to expensive, but maybe some of the housing bubble pop will bring things back into a decent range.

Although like I said to another commenter I think the only reasons most goths think they have to live in or near a city is because they want to be around other goths and goth clubs, but if we could build a goth village we could have our own club nights in the common house every night if we wanted :) though We'd have to try and find some drama free goths which might be impossible, especially here in the Atlanta scene.
i totally wish i could do this too
your not alone
I have recently joined a permaculture club of sorts because of my interest in this subject.
I have always dreamed of having a farm since I was a little girl, and then not your modern day farm with 3000 cows who are all equally as unhappy, but a farm in a sort of romanticized image, just grow food for me and perhaps the neighbours, maybe selling some if i have to much, and a goat or two that I can milk every morning.

My dreams would come absolutely true if this home could also be in an ecovillage with likeminded people, but sometimes I think that would be a bit much to hope for, but who knows what the future will bring?